March 17, 2016

Industrial and Rustic| Boy Room Reveal

Hello friends!

I am so excited to finally have Drew's room checked off the 'ol to do list! Of course no room is ever done but I can safely say this is 99% there.

Our first house boasted a small tiny nook of a bedroom for our son.  It was perfect for his infant and toddler years, but as he started to get older and accumulate more stuff the room became smaller and smaller.  Without a basement, the poor kid had to house his full size drum set in his room!
Fun fact: His room was the only room in our first house that was only painted one time.

  We knew moving into a much larger house would ensure a more spacious room for Drew, without the drums in the way. He's only 8 years old but boy did he have a hand in the design and lay out of his space. #futurefixerupper
His wish list included:

  • A loft bed built by Dad (so sweet)
  • Floor that looks like a hockey rink
  • Basketball Hoop
  • Shelves for all his trophies
  • Dark blue walls
  • Michigan State colors and accessories
  • Chicago Blackhawks accessories

Overall totally do-able. The hockey rink floor may have been a bit ambitious but good try kid.

Industrial and Rustic Farmhouse Style boy room with sherwin williams naval and white duck and west elm striped curtains

Disclaimer: His room is super tricky to photograph due to the layout and lack of natural light coming in. Pair that with an old DSLR camera and you have a photography nightmare for this newbie. So bare with me as they may not be the most Pinterest worthy images around. Womp Womp. 

So here's how we married his requests with a room that was functional, fun, and pleasing to this mamma's eye. Because let's be real...that definitely matters!

Let's start with how his room looked on moving day:

Another fun fact: The previous owners had a little boy named Drew who shared this room prior to us moving in.

So, here we have a fresh slate! Since the hockey floor was off the table, and the carpet is practically brand new, the flooring was the only thing to stay as is.

Drew and I looked over the paint deck and decided on Sherwin Williams Naval, but with a compromise. I didn't want his whole room to be dark blue, so we agreed on an accent wall in his selected color and I kept the other walls neutral with Sherwin Williams White Duck.

We love how the colors work together. The rich blue is gorgeous and dramatic while the neutral calms and balances the space, allowing his artwork and pictures to be the star.

Industrial and Rustic Farmhouse Style boy room with sherwin williams naval and white duck and west elm striped curtains

The scene stealing star of the room has to be Drew's custom made loft bed! My husband plotted, planned, measured, and spent sleepless nights on that bad boy for weeks. It was our first wood working adventure of this magnitude. I can't say it was all smiles and giggles, but we overall enjoyed the process knowing how much it meant to Drew. Hey, he we even had a late night staining party! 

Don't judge the cat hat. It was cold in that garage.

The loft not only makes Drew happy but allows for a more spacious room. I'll admit I wasn't sold on the idea, but seeing it up I love how the warm wood tones brighten up the room and bring in that rustic feel he loves.

Placed throughout the room are nods to his Illinois roots and our current state of Michigan.  My son is a sentimental sap like me and loves having all his memento's and favorite moments displayed proudly.

The "Love is All Around You" sign he begged for when he spotted it in the Target aisle one day. When he opened it from his Sister for Christmas he was thrilled. How sweet is that? Love this boy.

I personally love the pop of gold and how beautiful it looks against that naval blue.

A few weeks a go I shared with you how we built his medal hook.  We love the look of it and the smile permanently plastered on Drew's face when he walks by it.

Since Drew also requested shelves for his memento's and trophies, we searched high and low for the perfect one.  The space isn't all that big and we didn't want furniture to obstruct the flow into his room, so we opted for this Target shelf that gave us the industrial vibe we were going for.

The DIY memo board has been a big hit. He loves adding more patches to his board and having them proudly displayed.

We also incorporated all the things he loves onto the shelf like world travel, history, drums, and of course his favorite sports baseball and hockey.  

Under his bed we added this simple metal storage that I filled with his books and bins from the Target dollar section.  He's 8 now so his toy collection has mostly dwindled and turned into Legos and video games, but there are still items he likes to have accessible.  I still have plans to add some fabric behind to the stairs to close that section off, but for now we are just living with it as is.

The bean bags make a great nook to hang out and read. There are rope lights we secured under the bed frame so at night there is a pretty glow that he loves.  

The curtains and rod we purchased from West Elm and we love how they tie the room together.  They are boyish and chic and I adore them! 

We are also digging the new light fixture that we talked about here.  

You may have noticed there is no dresser in his room and that's because we did a complete overhaul of his closet!  It's previous state had zero functionality.  Here'a before:

And now after a new closet installation: 

Now that valuable square footage in his closet is put to good use with drawers, bins, and oodles of storage.  Add some velvet space saving hangers and we have ourselves a hard working closet! 

So that's it from his new boy room! We are in love with how it turned out. The DIY projects throughout the space make it all the more special to my sentimental kid. 

What are your kids special room requests? Any other hockey rink floor requests out there? 

Thanks for stopping by!

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Industrial and Rustic Farmhouse Style boy room with sherwin williams naval and white duck and west elm striped curtains


  1. Love this room! So sweet that he wanted a loft bed made by his dad, melts my heart! Everything came out so great, what a lucky boy!

  2. I am obsessed with the overall look to this room! Very organized and nice paint job! Thanks for linking up at the Get It Together Link party!


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