About Me

Hello and welcome to Restyle It Wright! My name is Colette Wright and I'm so glad you stumbled across my little piece of the blogosphere! Here's a little bit about me...

By night, I'm a Labor and Delivery Nurse (best job in the world!) and by day I'm usually sleeping dreaming of color schemes, a room to wallpaper, or finding a great piece of furniture to make my own. You can bet if there is free time, I'm curled up on the couch with my laptop and a cup of coffee perusing pinterest and dreaming up mood boards for room re-do's! I have a weakness for lamps, rugs, and all things gold...no really, it's a problem. I love to make each space beautiful and functional and I hope to inspire you to beautify your own space! 

Our family of 4 just moved from a 1300 sq ft house in a suburb of Chicago to a 2300 sq ft house in Grand Rapids, MI. Living in such a small house forced us to be creative and intentional with the way we decorated, now with so much room to play with the possibilities are endless! My to do and honey do list are about a mile long and my husband is thrilled already tired.

Our new home in Grand Rapids, MI
Our first home in Naperville, IL

Speaking of my other half, starting this blog wouldn't be possible without his support! He listens to my endless ideas of projects to do, hangs curtain rods, installs shelves, and paints each room meticulously (sometimes the same room 4 different colors until we get it just right!). He even spent an entire weekend planning, taping, calculating and painting chevron stripes on our daughters ceiling, needless to say a trip to the chiropractor was in order after that.  We are DIYers at heart and can't wait to turn this new house into our home.

We share this home with our two kids who keep us endlessly entertained and very busy.  Between hockey, boy scouts, music lessons, and rock climbing, we are always on the go! We want our home to be beautiful, functional, and "fancy" as my son would say...a welcoming and refreshing retreat from the chaos!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by! Please feel free to leave a comment or email me at restyleitwright@gmail.com. I have learned so much through other bloggers, family and friends and would love to hear your feedback.

                       All family pictures taken by the lovely and talented LadyandtheLens.


  1. Need advice! I'm pregnant with baby #2 and due January 31st. I'd love to bring something to the hospital with us for the labor and delivery nursing staff while we're there. My L&D nurse the first go-round was my hero! What's something that would be appreciated? I've heard about cookies from a local bakery or pizzas, but don't know if unhealthy foods are appreciated or not! Ha! Thanks, Colette!

    1. Hi Chelsea! Congrats on your exciting news! You're so sweet to think of the L&D Nurses. We soooooo appreciate it! We also appreciate unhealthy food haha. I've seen little goody baskets in the room that have granola bars, crackers, and candy so whenever someone enters the room they help themselves, i've seen cookies, pizza. We appreciate it all!!


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