October 20, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 3| Prep and Paint

Hi there!

Welcome to week 3 of our one room challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. Only 3 weeks left...Eeeeeeeek.  You can see our initial plans here and last weeks update here.

Well...I'd hoped to have more done this week but I'll take the small wins! We may or may not be the type of people who finish at the 11th hour. In our previous house, just minutes before the realtor photographer came we were installing toilets and bathroom cabinets so.....yah. That's kinda how we roll. But thats life right! We have busy kids, hockey carpools, full times jobs, and the occasional couch snuggle party so we do what we can when we can!

Ok, back to the room.

So I talked last week about choosing the perfect paint color (SW Crushed Ice).  Well, both coats are up on the wall and I'm still so happy about that decision!! It's the perfect shade of yumminess.

My husband just finished the last coat last night so here we are!

one room challenge crushed ice paint

You'll notice the one wall is still green...that's because our built ins will be covering that wall top to bottom so why waste good paint?
Also, there is tons of light pouring into this room from all angles so it's a bit tough to photograph. 

one room challenge crushed ice paint

We put the plastic tarp up to hopefully reduce dust from being allllll over this house! Also my job is to remove the blue tape, I'd say someone is slacking.

one room challenge crushed ice paint

We also didn't take the paint up to the ceiling because our glorious crown molding will be covering that. My husband was excited to skip the 'edging the ceiling' step! 

I'm really loving this color. It's warm and cozy and perfect. 

We also started prep work for our built ins!
To get the bookcase as close to the wall as possible my husband removed the base molding and quarter round.

I was told by the husband I wasn't allowed to include him in blog posts...but he's the do-er so how can I not?! 
We also had a wild date night where we roamed the aisles of Home Depot and scoured all the materials for our built ins.  Are we wild and crazy or what? 
I'm both excited and terrified at the thought of these built ins but I'm just going to breathe in and breathe out...one step at a time.  Here's to hoping there aren't too many snafu's along the way...project built ins begins this weekend!

The other area that I am definitely responsible for is the design and decor. And in this area we did hit a bit of a snafu so it seems.  
I'll explain...

When I began dreaming up my plan for the room one thing that never wavered was the curtains I wanted to use.  I knew the minute I saw them they were perfect.  

wayfarer pink tulle curtains

They were like a pink tulle puffy skirt and oh so fancy. I so needed them and their feminine self. But, sadly I just couldn't make them work and here's why.

one room challenge crushed ice paint

Clearly we have some tall windows in here...which I love and they are beautiful.  However, trying to find a window treatment to both satisfy the height/budget/and overall design was not easy.  If I ordered the traditional 86" curtains they would sit underneath those upper windows which is overall not so bad. But unfortunately there is nothing to attach a center support bracket to with stand the weight of the curtains and we'd be left with a bowing curtain rod. Not okay.  Where the arrow is pointing is part of the wood blinds and its plastic..not a piece of molding like it looks. So, i'll just order curtains to go above the whole window right? Enter sad face. The pink curtains of my dreams don't come in that length.  

So back to the drawing board with little time to spare and a dwindling budget.  In my search for 108" curtains I came across these beauties from Anthropologie.

anthropologie lace curtains

Totally different than the girly pink ones I had picked out but something about them caught my attention. And so did the price tag...$200/panel! Sigh. But the closer I looked at them the more I thought I could DIY them and that is exactly what I'm going to do! How hard could it be right? Some linen, lace, and dye and we have ourselves the knock off DIY of the century! 

So....wish me luck on all fronts. I need it.  So does my husband.  

Oh, and in other exciting news...my couch from from ATG Stores arrived this week and I can't wait to bust her out of the box! And the kind folks over at ATG wanted me to extend you an extra special offer! Use the code OneRoom100 to take $100 of your order of $199 or more! How sweet is that! I've got my eye set of a navy blue pair of lamps that this code will come super handy for. 

Be sure to check out all the other guest bloggers and their amazing room transformations so far here And thanks again to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting! 

October 18, 2016

Styling a bookcase| 5 Essential Pieces

So, if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know I recently chatted about a crazy awesome opportunity to hang out at West Elm here in Grand Rapids over the weekend. And by hang out I mean gather a group of my friends, family, and followers and talk about how to style bookcases and coffee tables! It was a pinch me moment. So HUGE thank you to Kristen over at West Elm for inviting me and giving us the warmest welcome.

Now let's talk about those bookcases!

I'm going to give you a cliff's notes version of our little chat to give you some tips and tricks for an easy-no-fail-guide to style a simple bookcase.

styling a bookcase easy and simple

So, we started with this bookcase from West Elm.

It's about 7 feet tall and has 6 fixed shelves...the perfect size to add to your home to show off your personality and accessories! 

The first step in accessorizing a bookcase is to determine your color palette.  We all have colors that we are drawn to that we incorporate into our home.  Maybe you have all neutral walls and like to accessorize with bold colors.  Or you like to have bold colors on your wall but enjoy accessories that  are white or neutral. And if you're somewhere in between peruse Pinterest and find what color palette's you're drawn to and narrow it down to about 3 or 4 colors that complement each other. Even find a piece of fabric of pillow that you're drawn to and draw colors from there that you want to stay cohesive throughout your home.
Fun Tip: Go to the hardware store and pick up paint chips of colors you have in your home and some coordinating colors that you like and hole punch them.  Slip them onto a key ring and keep them with you when you shop as a reference.  Less buyers remorse and returns and the bonus of feeling more confident in your purchasing decision! 

For the purposes of this style I went with varying shades of blue with metallic accents (gold of course) and pops of pink.  

easy guide to style a bookcase

Essential Bookcase Item #1: Decorative Elements

This is where you're personality and color palette can really shine.  Choose items that vary in size, texture, and shape. This is the most important element of the bookcase and why I chose it first.  I rounded up items that I used for this styling and substituted those not available online.  I'll show you how I used these throughout the bookcase.

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

These elements made up the first two shelves.  The sculptural orbs were the perfect color and size and filled up the first shelf beautifully. 

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

On the second shelf I added a dinner plate along with two metallic vases.  The plate was the pop of color I was looking for and added height while the two metallic vases balanced the shelf. The fun thing about using plates is that you can change them out with the season! If you want to bring in lighter spring like colors simply switch out the plate. Keep your eyes peeled at estate sales, thrift stores, and places like West Elm for unique plates that fit your style and color palette. 

On to the next shelf and our next two essential pieces.

Essential Bookcase Item #2: Books

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

I know, a no brainer right? I LOVE using books as decor throughout my home and a bookcase of course is no exception...its a must have! Now what kind of books you ask? Well, any hardcover book will work.  The key is to find books that vary in size and super bonus if the spine of the book fits your color palette.  I always remove the book cover to reveal the color underneath, so don't be fooled it the paper cover doesn't work with your color.

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

I brought some books from home but you can find them anywhere! Budget bookstores, thrift stores, estate sales, clearance sections, amazon, and of course book stores.  They are one of my favorite things to collect, especially design books. Have some books where the spine colors don't match your color palette? No problem! Just turn them around and have the pages facing out. You'll still get the depth and texture.  

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

Throughout this style I alternated between laying the books on the left side and right side of the shelves as well as centered.  This creates balance again so that one side of the shelf doesn't feel too book heavy.  Of course placing the books vertical with bookends is a great option too. 

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

You'll notice I added another decorative element onto this shelf. I placed a gold frog paperweight onto the books to create another layer but you could place any decorative element here. A vase, bowl, or candle would be great here too.  I think the frog is cheeky and fun.  Plus it's gold so win/win. 

The acrylic pillar is seriously my favorite item on this whole shelf.  I need him. 

And you can see our third essential item!

Essential Item #3: Greenery and Florals (faux or real)

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

Doesn't everything look better with flowers? Now, it's probably not practical to have fresh flowers allllll the time but adding some version is definitely essential in bringing color and life.  There are so many great faux options for succulents, air plants, silk flowers that you almost can't tell which is real! If you're bookcase isn't conducive to a live plant or maybe you have pets or small kids the faux option is the way to go.  

I added a sweet little faux plant I found at Target on top of my acrylic pillar friend and it looks so sweet. I love the added green color which pairs great with the blue/gold tones.  Even a little succulent or cactus would be cute too. 

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

On this fourth shelf I added an acrylic tray with a vase of faux silk flowers.  I LOVE the pop of pink they add and you can never go wrong with an acrylic tray.  

Alright down to the fifth and sixth shelf and our next essential elements!

Essential Element #4: Picture Frames

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

I don't know about you, but I love having pictures of my loved ones strewn about the house.  Place those pictures in a cute little frame and I'm a happy girl.  A bookcase is the perfect place to display those pictures that make your heart happy. Or maybe it's not a picture but a postcard or favorite saying that you want to frame.  This not only adds a personal touch but is also a great way to add more layers and height throughout the shelves. 

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

Now for our final shelf and bookcase essential item!

Bookcase Essential #5: Personal Mementos

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces
What makes our home special and unique are the families and people who live in it. Decorating should incorporate all of that uniqueness.  Have a favorite beach you and your family enjoy going to? Scoop up some sand and place it in a decorative jar. Collect beach glass? Place in a jar or shallow dish. Those frames and decorative bowls we talked about earlier are great for displaying personal mementos also.  Place some Photo Booth photo strips into a decorative bowl.  Have keys from your first house? Throw those into a bowl or tack onto a frame to display.  

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

So there you have my tips for a bookcase that is perfectly styled and unique.  

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

The biggest thank you to all my friends and family for coming out to support me! And to my readers for being so awesome! 

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces
Even Rebecca from Inspired Life Interiors was able to come out! (Definitely check her blog out!)

Hope you learned some useful tips today! Send me some pictures of your styled bookcases over at my email (restyleitwright@gmail.com) for a chance to be featured!

Have a great day!

how to style a bookcase with 5 essential pieces

October 13, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 2| Paint, Molding, and Fabric Oh My

Hi friends!

Last week I revealed our BIG PLANS to makeover our formal living room as guest participants in the One Room Challenge.  Six weeks to turn our blank slate into something functional and fabulous...which is thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

So this past week was dedicated to selecting our paint color (no easy feat), finalizing our built in plans, purchasing fabric, and selecting the perfect crown molding.

So, the room currently looks like this:

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

Riiiiiight. Pretty much the same.  You may notice some blue tape on the floors and that my friends is how we map out a space. More on that in a few...

Wall Color:

One of the most important decisions to make was the paint color.  Paint can make or break a space and really set the tone for the room. I wanted to be absolutely sure I selected a color that would marry the various elements I had planned like the pink sofa, blue rug, glossy black chairs, and of course the metallic elements I would be adding throughout.  I wanted the paint to really complement those elements and not compete. So, after careful consideration and hours pouring over my paint deck,  I landed on Sherwin Williams Crushed Ice.

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

I actually had never considered this color before shockingly.  But in my quest to find a grayish-beige I kept coming back to this color on the deck.  I also love that it isn't a super popular color...I even had a hard time finding photographic examples. What I did manage to round up was gorgeous so I was even more certain I had made the right decision. 

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

It's the perfect shade. I can not WAIT to see this on the walls! 

Built In Bookcase:

So this is really the shining star of the room...what I'm most nervous and excited about! I knew from the minute I walked through the house I wanted a built in look in this room.  Now, we all know how expensive this can be. A custom built in can be in the thousands and that's just not something we were willing to spend.  So, after countless hours and cups of coffee and a few brainstorming sessions with the husband we decided on a system that would be cost effective and fit within our dimensions.  

A mixture of the Ikea Billy bookcase combined with a custom built frame and soffit would completely fill our 12 x10 foot wall with a fraction of the cost.  

This is where our painters tape came in so handy!

The husband and I took the measurements of this Billy Bookcase and this Billy Bookcase to map out our total bookcase width and depth.

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

By doing this we were able to see exactly how many bookcases we needed of each size to create the built ins.  We also realized in doing this that our 10 ft ceilings would totally dwarf the whole system if we didn't create a base about 30in tall because these bookcases are only about 6.5 feet tall.  Womp. Womp.  This not only creates more work for us but also makes it difficult for me to visualize so I'm putting total faith in my husband on this one. (Don't let me down babe...just kidding...kind of). 

Here's how it looks all taped out:

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

This room is actually deceptively small, so the 11 inch depth of the shelves will fit perfectly with the window ledge.  

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

Once we had the bookcase taped out it was important to measure out the area rug and I'm SO glad we did! The original rug I had selected was a foot too wide and would not have fit so this method saved my sanity and money. Both obvious wins. 

Next we taped out where our new sofa was going to go as well as our accent chairs. This really helped us visually map out the space as well as the logistics of walking around furniture and through to the dining room.  

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

We have used this tape method before when we purchased our sectional and it was such a lifesaver. I highly recommend it! 

We hit up the Detroit Ikea since we were near there for a hockey game and bought all our bookshelf fixins. Truth be told, I'm also an IKEA pro. I can be in and out of there in no time and I know exactly where everything is. If you're ever been to Ikea you know this is a big deal.

Here we are all loaded up!

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

Fabric Selection:

So I purchased a few Craiglist chairs for this space over the last few weeks and they are slowly but surely getting the makeover they deserve.  

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

Now when it comes to upholstering I'm clueless. I can recover benches and use no sew methods to make curtains but that's my limit. So I did what any girl what do...I hired out my mom!

Of course we she couldn't even big to get started until I settled on a fabric...which felt as monumental as the paint color selection. After searching and searching I had finally settled on a fabric that I loved from Minted. But sadly at $32/yd this was going to be an expensive project.  Hey, I saved so much money by scoring those chairs for a combined $60 but did I want to spend my savings on fabric? No way. So on a whim I searched the curtain selection at Target to see if any of their cotton/linen curtains had something to offer.  And boy did I hit the jackpot! 

sherwin williams crushed ice, crown molding, craigslist chair makeover, ikea billy built ins

I'm going to guess that 4 (54x84) panels would be about 11 yards so that's roughly $5/yd right there.  HUGE savings! Sure it's not an exact match but close enough in my book!
Fabric was just delivered today so now we are ready to make some cushions! And by we of course I mean my mom.

Crown Molding:
I mean who doesn't love crown molding.  There's just something about it that's so special...the perfect accessory to a room.  It can instantly transform a room from 'meh' to 'wow' with a little bit of skill and some power tools.  But what do I know..the husband is installing this! I'm 5'2 and these are 10ft ceilings...nuff said. I was in charge, however, of pricing and selecting our molding which may be just as important as installing it. 

After measuring out our space I knew we needed 50 feet to accommodate our room and to leave extra for errors.  I also knew that I wanted to get real wood for both cost and decorative purposes.  And the chunkier and taller the molding the better! 

I decided to go to a molding outlet local to my hometown because we had success in finding an inexpensive chair rail there before.  This was a mecca for all things wood.  Chair rails, base boards, crown, trim you name it they had it.  So on a crisp Saturday while the rest of the world was picking apples and pumpkins my parents and I went wood picking.  I narrowed down my selection to 2 options...one oak trim and the other pine but decided to go with the pine because it was taller and more decorative.  

Measuring at 4.5 in tall this is sure to be the wow the factor on these ceilings! And the price was right at $1.20/sq ft.  So 50 feet later and I had myself some crown molding!

See. I'm little.

Now to try my hand at using a paint sprayer and not drive my husband crazy by getting paint everywhere. Hmmm....

So stay tuned! By next week we will have paint on the walls and the start of our built ins!

Thanks again to all Linda from Calling It Home for hosting and my amazing sponsors! Also, be sure to check out all the other guest participants because there are some amazing room transformations going on.  You can find them all here.

Anyone else use the painters tape method? Any experience with SW "crushed ice"?
I'd love to hear your feedback!

October 06, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 1| Formal Living Room Plans

Woo! I'm SO EXCITED to be a guest participant in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home.

What is the One Room Challenge you might ask?

It's a 'holy mama we have 6 weeks to get this room done' challenge! Hundreds of other bloggers and I will be participating in making over a room from start to finish.

Every week on Thursday I will be linking to stages of the room as we paint, install, and DIY our little hearts out!

There are several rooms in our house that are definitely worthy of a complete overhaul but since we've been ferociously working on the main level of our home it seemed fitting to continue that momentum into our formal living room.  This space is about as untouched as it gets...a blank canvas if you will.

Here are some move-in day pics.

one room challenge formal living room makeover

I had initially thought about making over the living room and dining room together as they are a conjoined space...but that is just crazy talk.  Limited funds + lack of time = No Bueno. So we are sticking to the formal living room area only. 

one room challenge formal living room makeover

This space actually isn't all that big.  It measures about 12x10 but there are glorious 10ft ceilings that
make my heart happy. Also oodles of natural light pour into this space and I LOVE that.  

one room challenge formal living room makeover

So, what are the plans for this space you might ask?

Well. I've been pondering that same question since move-in day. I've jumped all over the place with this one.  I've never had a formal living space and nothing about me or my family is formal...maybe a bit fancy but not formal.  We are a hockey playing-on the couch eating-movie watching kind of peeps that enjoy a cozy lived in home.  I wanted this room to be special though...the kind of room where I can sit in the morning with a cup of coffee and peruse Pinterest, where my daughter can curl up with her favorite book, and where all my favorite design elements come together in one fantastic space.  

one room challenge formal living room makeover

I've been tweaking our mood board for this space daily and I think I've narrowed it down to this:

ATG pink velvet couch, rugs usa, minted fabric, parima studio, wayfair curtains

Blush, gold, and navy is a combination that is timeless and totally me.  Now for the perfect wall color...

In fact these colors can be seen all over our house and keep our spaces feeling cohesive and consistent. I like to think of this as the color palette of our home:

one room challenge formal living room makeover

Ohh it makes me giddy!

See those bookcases up there? Well, the husband and I have BIG plans to DIY those babies. A combination of Ikea bookcases and custom molding and other tweaks will help us create the shining star of the room. I'm even hoping to add in one of those fancy roller ladders to it because A) they are so cool and B) I'm short.

So, here are my overall goals for this space:

  • To DIY a custom bookcase that goes floor to ceiling
  • Add Crown Molding
  • Furnish the room to make it warm and inviting
  • DIY behind the sofa table
  • Create a space that we enjoy spending time in
  • Stay within time and budget
  • DIY some fab craigslist find chairs
Since the floors are in great condition (and will be largely covered with an area rug) we can begin our focus on the walls and ceiling.

And that's where this room makeover is going to kick off!

I'll be back next Thursday for an update on our space! Be sure to tune in every week to see this room evolve into the fabulous space I know it can be!

Also, be sure to check out the hundreds of other talented bloggers participating as guests in this challenge here.

For MAJOR design inspiration check out the 20 designers featured in this fun challenge! I'm talking swoon-worthy-jaw-dropping goodness over there. Check it out here.

Wish us luck! Fingers crossed!!

And a HUGE thank you for my sponsors on this makeover!

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