August 12, 2016

Updates in the Bedroom

Hi friends!

Happy Friday for all you Mon-Fri peeps! I'm SO excited to share with you some updates around the abode.  I got myself a fancy new lens and now I want to take pictures of all the things so let's start with my bedroom!

 I've just started really filling out the wall space in the room and making it feel more cozy so I thought hey, lets do a post about it!

* I was given product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received the Ivory/Blue Damask Rug by Kas from Rug Expedition

Let's begin with where this space started on move in day:

Not a whole lot going on. A big blue box.  Ironically, my husband and I had planned on painting this room a shade of muted blue anyway, so the overall vibe of the room didn't change too dramatically when we painted it Sherin Williams 'Distance'.
Since I work nights, the darker the room is the more sleep I get, the happier we all are. So a moody/cozy space is what we aimed for.  

I shared this mood board for the space back in April and you can find all the details here.

Sherwin Williams distance bedroom update with joss and Main bed and Rugs Expedition Rug

It's bold and a bit out of my comfort zone and I've admittedly struggled with the color choices, but after seeing it all together it does make my heart happy.

We installed new curtains and boy are they dreamy. That add so much character and life to the room. I just LOVE them. We also did a little DIY project with our ikea last hack to give ourselves some new nightstands. And that's where our bedroom updates stopped and ended almost a year ago. There was no art on the walls, very little decor, and our old furniture was looking dated and heavy.  

So we bought ourselves a new tufted bed frame similar to the mood board piece and suddenly the space felt so much fancier.

I love the details in the head board from the curve at the top to the nail head trim and the soft plush tufts. The base of the bed frame  carries those same lines and nail head trim as well as some fancy feet. We purchased it for a sweet deal over at Joss and Main.  

Isn't it darling? I love it.

I also switched out our end table lamps for these white gourd lamps and I love how crisp and clean they look against the blue wall.  Man, I'm a sucker for symmetry! I know there are tons of gorgeous bedrooms out there with mismatched end tables but I just can't do it!  

Sherwin Williams distance bedroom update with joss and Main bed and Rugs Expedition Rug

The artwork above the bed was FREE and I printed it on thick cardstock and popped it into a few frames I had on hand.  I downloaded it from my blog hero Jen at I Heart Organizing.  I love how the green watercolors bring out the green from my curtains.  After months of searching for something to put above the bed who knew I'd find it for free! I'm still deciding what to put around the frames to finish out the wall...any suggestions? I'm totally okay with just letting it evolve slowly over time (well, within a reasonable amount of time).  

Sherwin Williams distance bedroom update with joss and Main bed and Rugs Expedition Rug

Now let's talk about the ceiling fan. I'm sure like plenty of you out there you're either "team fan" or "team no-fan". Well, I'm "team fan" for the comfort of the cool breeze but design wise it needs to go. The husband is "team fan" all the way and since he's the one who switches out these things it's a no go.  Womp Womp.  I really want a girly fancy chandelier, but for now the 'ol brown ceiling fan is it folks.  

The last addition we've made so far is that swoon-worthy rug. I know, I know a rug over carpet. Gotta work with what ya got peeps.  Pictures can't even begin to do justice the luxurious-ness of it! It feels like silk under my feet.  It's the softest rug I've ever had no joke.

Who doesn't want to wake up and feel all that goodness under your feet? It makes my heart happy.  The soft blues and grey's and subtle damask pattern work so well in the room. I'm just loving it! You can purchase you're very own fancy rug over at Rug Expedition.  I chose the 5x7.

So what's left on the 'ol to do list in here?

Purchase a new dresser
Add a chair/cozy corner 
Purchase a tufted bench for end of the bed
Attach tv to the wall (Yes, we are in bed tv watchers)
Add some decorative shelving
Continue to add wall art

These small updates have given a new life to the space and I can't wait to tackle some other to-do items on the list. Now...for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to make all the bedroom
 dreams come true.

Anyone else have a 'let a room evolve' kinda attitude? It's been a new strategy for me and I'm diggin it.  
I'll be back with a Mood Board Monday| Closet Edition you won't want to miss!

* I was given product in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I received the Ivory/Blue Damask Rug by Kas from Rug Expedition


  1. It is so beautiful. I usually want to do all updates right away but it never happens. It always seems to be evolving - forever!! I get the struggle with the fan and the differences between what we like (ha ha). The rug is awesome though and I love those curly framed (for lack of a better term) mirrors on the nightstand.

    1. thanks zan! The mirrors are actually quatrefoil that I just turned halfway for that shape! xoxo

  2. Colette it looks beautiful and cozy! I saw on Instagram that the art above the bed was a free printable but I couldn't find it on Jen's site. Do you have a link you could share please? Thanks! Chelsea

    1. Thanks Chelsea! If you click on her website above in the post it will take you directly to it! xo

  3. Looks great, and loving that headboard! I hear ya on the fan debate. I love the feeling of cool air on my face in the summer, but hate the look. They make fans that are concealed in a light fixture (kind of hard to explain), but not sure how well they work...however, the hubs is team fan all the way. So probably a loosing battle for me to even attempt anyway!

  4. Colette this is AMAZING!! Everything looks so perfect together. Love that headboard and especially the rug!

  5. I totally do the same thing when it comes to decorating. I'll decide on a color scheme but it takes a while for everything to come together. Most of my rooms are still in that phase. ;)

  6. I am totally a "let the room evolve" kind of decorator. The worst though, is so often I'm waiting on one piece to "evolve" for months before the space is finished -- which kind of drives me crazy, lol. However, I'd rather be patient and love it than rush. The paint color I love and your pillow choices are perfect. My favorite, favorite, things is those curtains though. SO PRETTY!


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