August 15, 2016

Kate Spade Inspired Kid Closet| Mood Board Monday

Hey guys!
Anyone spend any time doing some closet re-organization this weekend?Yah...probably just us. Who wants to spend all weekend in a closet?! Well when it's going to be as fancy as this then you get giddy excited about it!

Let's dive right in for another edition of Mood Board Monday!

So let's talk about this closet.  It's not your typical hang your coat type space. It's directly to the left when you come into the house through the garage door, so naturally it becomes quite the drop spot.  The previous owners had the walls orange with a plywood platform as a bench, some shelves, and some hooks.  

There is also zero natural light in here or even artificial light.  So, it's an orange cave. The closet is not very big and it's also not your typical rectangular shape.  There are 2 walls each measuring only 23" and 36" wide and then 2 angled walls behind the door frame with a combined width of about 15". It also has a door that swings open towards the garage door so you can imagine this scenario. Someone walks in the garage door and the closet door is open and BAM. No Bueno. 

Here's how we plan to use before the space before we get to the fancy details. This is going to be a drop zone/school closet and will serve all these functions:
  • Place for the kids backpacks
  • Place for the kids coats
  • Store shoes
  • Store Winter Items (scarves, hats, gloves)
  • Place for incoming/outgoing school papers (you know what a paper nightmare that is!)
  • Incoming/outgoing bills
  • Store school/homework supplies
That right there is a hardworking little closet.  

So, I got to work planning and designing this powerful little space and came up with this mood board. I'm calling it the Kate Spade inspired kids closet for obvious reasons :)

kate spade inspired mud room closet with sherwin williams breathless and gala pink
          calendar/acrylic organizer/wallpaper/bike print/graphic print/shelf/hook/shoe cabinet

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams Breathless
Cabinet Color: Gala Pink

Eeeek! Is your heart exploding with all that Kate Spade inspired goodness?! I know mine is!
Now I'm not one for "theme rooms" but when selecting the colors for this closet I did so knowing the closet door would remain off. Since this is in the foyer area, the colors needed to coordinate. BUT I also wanted it to be a fun space that was also chic to encourage organization. Who doesn't want to keep a cute space organized?!

We've already begun demo and I'm not gunna lie seeing that paint on the shoe cabinet is making me a bit nervous! Holding my breathe until it's all put together.
I'm dying to know what you all think! Is this a Kate Spade inspired win or fail?!

Kate Spade Inspired Closet with removable wallpaper, shoe storage, Anthropology hooks, and sherwin williams breathless


  1. The mood board definitely screams "Kate Spade"! I love love the gold polka dot wall paper!! I think I could get excited about this closet makeover ;)

  2. I can't wait to see more of your progress in here. I just love small spaces with fun decor.

  3. I love the colors. I'm excited to see how it all turns out! We're going to be doing some work in our laundry room/mud room soon and that shoe holder would be perfect!


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