April 25, 2016

Emerald City Master Bedroom| Mood Board Monday

Hi Friends!

Happy Monday! We enjoyed a beautiful weekend outdoors filled with camping, family, and baseball games. All this beautiful weather has me itching to get our front porch started. Today I'm picking up some paint samples to test out for the front door. I can't wait!

We are here today of course to talk about Mood Boards so I wanted to share with you my board for our Master Bedroom.

It's the room that has given me the most pause as it's the most out of my comfort zone. My husband and I decided early on we wanted a darker moody color in our bedroom for many reasons.  I work nights and therefore I'm often sleeping during the day (bright and sunny gorgeous days are my enemy on sleep days). My husband also suffers from insomnia so it was super important to create a sort of cave like room that was also chic. Not gunna lie, this has been a design challenge for me and I'm still not sure I have it figured out.

Our room receives a ton of sunlight during the day that pours in via a large picture window, which I love when I'm not trying to sleep. We needed a dramatic color and decided on Sherwin Williams Distance.

I wasn't sold on the color once I saw it on the wall but knew that we needed to finish accessorizing the room before I made a final decision. It's been 6 months and I'm still not sure! 

A significant part of the room is yet to be done, which is purchase a new bed frame and replace our existing tv cabinet. So, I tweaked our original mood board to reflect things we have added and some "want" yet-to-be purchased items.  So here's what I'm calling the Emerald City Master Bedroom, mostly because of that gorgeous Emerald Tufted Bench.

 When I see the room all layed out on the board I LOVE it, mostly because it is out of my comfort zone. I mostly decorate in light neutrals with pops of pink, teal, and blue. These deep and rich colors stretch my creative thinking and I question my choices. BUT, what's the point in being boring and predictable? So, onward I go continuing to make this bedroom the chic cave I want it to be.

Here's how this board has influenced my bedroom today! 

What do you guys think? Stick with it? Anyone else have a dramatic color in your bedroom?
I'd love to see it!

Wanna see more mood boards? Check them all out here. You can also check out our nightstand details here, it was an ikea rast hack! 

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