October 20, 2016

One Room Challenge Week 3| Prep and Paint

Hi there!

Welcome to week 3 of our one room challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. Only 3 weeks left...Eeeeeeeek.  You can see our initial plans here and last weeks update here.

Well...I'd hoped to have more done this week but I'll take the small wins! We may or may not be the type of people who finish at the 11th hour. In our previous house, just minutes before the realtor photographer came we were installing toilets and bathroom cabinets so.....yah. That's kinda how we roll. But thats life right! We have busy kids, hockey carpools, full times jobs, and the occasional couch snuggle party so we do what we can when we can!

Ok, back to the room.

So I talked last week about choosing the perfect paint color (SW Crushed Ice).  Well, both coats are up on the wall and I'm still so happy about that decision!! It's the perfect shade of yumminess.

My husband just finished the last coat last night so here we are!

one room challenge crushed ice paint

You'll notice the one wall is still green...that's because our built ins will be covering that wall top to bottom so why waste good paint?
Also, there is tons of light pouring into this room from all angles so it's a bit tough to photograph. 

one room challenge crushed ice paint

We put the plastic tarp up to hopefully reduce dust from being allllll over this house! Also my job is to remove the blue tape, I'd say someone is slacking.

one room challenge crushed ice paint

We also didn't take the paint up to the ceiling because our glorious crown molding will be covering that. My husband was excited to skip the 'edging the ceiling' step! 

I'm really loving this color. It's warm and cozy and perfect. 

We also started prep work for our built ins!
To get the bookcase as close to the wall as possible my husband removed the base molding and quarter round.

I was told by the husband I wasn't allowed to include him in blog posts...but he's the do-er so how can I not?! 
We also had a wild date night where we roamed the aisles of Home Depot and scoured all the materials for our built ins.  Are we wild and crazy or what? 
I'm both excited and terrified at the thought of these built ins but I'm just going to breathe in and breathe out...one step at a time.  Here's to hoping there aren't too many snafu's along the way...project built ins begins this weekend!

The other area that I am definitely responsible for is the design and decor. And in this area we did hit a bit of a snafu so it seems.  
I'll explain...

When I began dreaming up my plan for the room one thing that never wavered was the curtains I wanted to use.  I knew the minute I saw them they were perfect.  

wayfarer pink tulle curtains

They were like a pink tulle puffy skirt and oh so fancy. I so needed them and their feminine self. But, sadly I just couldn't make them work and here's why.

one room challenge crushed ice paint

Clearly we have some tall windows in here...which I love and they are beautiful.  However, trying to find a window treatment to both satisfy the height/budget/and overall design was not easy.  If I ordered the traditional 86" curtains they would sit underneath those upper windows which is overall not so bad. But unfortunately there is nothing to attach a center support bracket to with stand the weight of the curtains and we'd be left with a bowing curtain rod. Not okay.  Where the arrow is pointing is part of the wood blinds and its plastic..not a piece of molding like it looks. So, i'll just order curtains to go above the whole window right? Enter sad face. The pink curtains of my dreams don't come in that length.  

So back to the drawing board with little time to spare and a dwindling budget.  In my search for 108" curtains I came across these beauties from Anthropologie.

anthropologie lace curtains

Totally different than the girly pink ones I had picked out but something about them caught my attention. And so did the price tag...$200/panel! Sigh. But the closer I looked at them the more I thought I could DIY them and that is exactly what I'm going to do! How hard could it be right? Some linen, lace, and dye and we have ourselves the knock off DIY of the century! 

So....wish me luck on all fronts. I need it.  So does my husband.  

Oh, and in other exciting news...my couch from from ATG Stores arrived this week and I can't wait to bust her out of the box! And the kind folks over at ATG wanted me to extend you an extra special offer! Use the code OneRoom100 to take $100 of your order of $199 or more! How sweet is that! I've got my eye set of a navy blue pair of lamps that this code will come super handy for. 

Be sure to check out all the other guest bloggers and their amazing room transformations so far here And thanks again to Linda from Calling it Home for hosting! 


  1. Ermahgerd!! So much goodness happening in this post!!! The built- ins are going to be great, I just know it. And loving the new curtain concept, ...can't wait to hear how you do it! And THANK YOU and ATG Stores for the coupon code...is like Christmas in October! I'm heading to their site right now to see if there is anything I can use for the ORC as well!
    P.S. My husband told me too not to put him in any posts too, but he was my do-er on the shelving, so I had to! He approved the shot first! :)

  2. Oh wow, Collete! You guys are making a ton of progress. I love the color, looks so pretty!

  3. Those curtains are LOVELY, and definitely sound like a great DIY. The wall color is looking pretty :)

  4. Awesome Progress! Those curtains!! Could you hang them to where the top transom like windows are still exposed? They are just so pretty!! I can't wait to see the final reveal - this is going to be a stunner!

  5. I love the progress you're making, Colette!
    And I CAN'T wait to see the Anthropologie curtain knock-offs!! I might have to do a knock-off of the knock-off's! ;)
    XO! Vanessa

  6. I cannot wait to see your DIY of those curtains!! Maybe you'll have to go on another hot date night to Joann's? I do love the pink curtains, too. Sad those couldn't work out. My hubby and FIL said they didn't want to be in any pictures either but, I think I'll sneak in a shot or two ;) Can't wait to see those built ins!!

  7. I love both sets of curtains. Good luck on the Anthro knock off! Lace is pretty easy to dye if you can't find it in a color. Can't wait to see this room!

  8. The curtain struggle is real! Such a bummer that the blush pink did not work out as you planned. All the best in DIY-in the new curtain design!!

  9. The paint color turned out great! I'm excited to see everything come together. And good luck with the curtains! Finding the right ones in the right length is such a pain.


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