October 25, 2016

Favorite Floral Fabric Round Up

So I've been doing the most exhaustive. search. ever. of the perfect floral fabric for my One Room Challenge.  You can read allllll about our formal living room progress so far for Week 1Week 2 and Week 3. And this room my friends is all about the details, so I couldn't just fake my way through the fabric selections!

It's no secret that I love gold spray paint, pink, and floral fabrics.  And not just any floral fabric...the kind that only exists in my own head that's impossible to find or costs a zillion dollars a yard.  Sigh.
So, I thought it would be fun and maybe helpful to round up some of my favorites in one nifty little post to take some of the search work out for you. So brace yourself  folks, this is a super girly and oh so chic round up of my favorite floral fabrics.

Round up of the best floral fabrics

Let's face it, when you think 'floral' sometimes the image reminsecent of your grandma's couch from the '80s comes to mind.  Okay, maybe that's just my brain.  But florals can go so wrong so easily if the color and pattern aren't quite right.

 I mean no offense if this kinda fabric is your thang...

I was on the hunt for a pattern that was a bit bold, carried my color palette throughout the design, and was a high quality fabric.  The hardest part was finding this dream fabric that fit my color palette! This hardworking piece had to mesh well with my existing fabric choices, wall color, art, and built in bookcase color.

But maybe I'm a bit backwards in my thinking.

Some people say to select your fabric first and pull your color palette from their.  However, I had my heart set on this art print that really set the tone for the room. So, I was sort of coming at this from the back end.  But, there is a happy ending to this story because I did indeed find my missing piece and a BONUS fabric that I'm just dying to get my hands on for another room in my house.  Win-Win!

Without further ado my favorite floral fabric round up!

My first picks are definitely on the bold side. But I LOVE each one in the right room and setting.

Stagg Design Shop Fabric

Spoonflower fabric sugar fresh design

Spoonflower fabric angie makes

Designer Guild

Tonic Living Fabric
                                                                           Tonic Living

I mean gorgeous right? Bright, bold, and definitely not your grandmother's florals!

Now for a bit more delicate take on the floral trend:

Tonic Living Fabric

Minted Floral Fabric

Spoonflower floral fabric

Kirsty Rice Floral Fabric

And then a few in between bold and soft: 

Round up of the best floral fabrics

Tonic Living Fabric

Canden Lane Floral Fabric

So what did I pick? Well let's just say it's probably not the most expected choice of the group but in person it's fantastic.
Round up of the best floral fabrics
You'll have to wait for the one room challenge post to see what I'm doing with it! 

I almost selected this fabric but I worried it wouldn't arrive in time, but it will be oh so perfect in my living room. I literally gasped when I ran across it online.

Kristy Rice Fabric

Pink floral watercolor? Swoooooon.  

So friends that's the round up for today! Hope you found a swoon-worthy floral fabric. What was your favorite? Bold? Soft? Oh, I love them ALL. 
For even more floral fabrics and others follow me on Pinterest!

See you Thursday for another One Room Challenge update!

Round up of the best floral fabrics

Round up of the best floral fabrics



  1. These are some serious floral roundups!! I love how you separated them into different categories. I had a smile at the couch. My 5 year old sitting next to me points to it and says, "looks like an (old) grandma's couch" - funny!! Not sure where she learned that from. Anyway, hope the room come together well with the fabric you picked.

  2. I love the bright floral patterns - definitely not your grandma's couch! And yes, that couch is exactly what I think of for "grandma's 80s couch"!! I can't wait to see which one you chose!

  3. These look so pretty! I wish my hubby would let me use floral patterns...

  4. You know I love me some floral fabrics, like the curtains in my breakfast nook. If hubby would be up for it, I'd probably have even more floral going on :) This is a lovely round-up!

  5. I have that same look in my head when I think of floral fabrics, haha! But I love how much more modern florals have become. I'm excited to see what you did with the one you chose. :)


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