April 11, 2016

Ikat Chic Entry| Mood Board Monday

Hi Everyone!

I took last week off for our family spring break but I'm back today with another Mood Board Monday!

With warmer weather approaching I'm itching to get so many things checked off the 'ol house to-do list.  One area of our house that I walk by constantly is our entry way.  It's the first thing people see when they open the front door and sets the tone for the home.  Our first house didn't have one so being able to plan and decorate this space now is super exciting.  Here's where things look from moving day to now:

Not very exciting huh? That big "window" in the wall is frustrating from a design perspective and I really just want to make it disappear. But, I don't see that happening anytime soon so time to get creative right?
After living in the house for a few months, I decided a fun graphic wall paper would the perfect addition to the wall and would make the perfect "welcome to the wright house" statement.

After exhaustively searching and pinning I landed on the perfect wallpaper from Graham and Brown and to my surprise it was on sale! In to the shopping cart it went and in my basement it has sat. Since November. I've been gently reminding pestering my husband to help me get this on the wall and we're getting close to install day! I. Can't. Wait.

                                                            Kelly's Ikat White/Soft Gray Paper

This paper is the inspiration for the whole entry way and prompted the mood board! Here's the Ikat Chic Entry:

                              Pink Chair/lamp/shade/console table/pouf/fiddle leaf fig/chandelier

I love the bold print of the wallpaper and I really wanted to make it the shining star. Adding in pops of fuchsia and some natural wood tones balances this space for a modern and chic look.

The railing above the entry way is also getting a makeover but I'm still deciding on what exactly to do with that...but I'm leaning toward painting the railing black.

What do you guys think? Isn't that wallpaper fab? Does anyone else have a real statement entry way? I'd love to see pics!
Have a great Monday everyone! As always, thanks for stopping by and supporting this little blog of mine!

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