March 07, 2016

Glam and Chic Living Room| Mood Board Monday

Happy Monday!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and checked lots of things off the 'ol to do list.

I'm back today with another Mood Board Inspiration as promised.

Let's dive right in shall we?

The living room and kitchen are the two most used spaces in our house. I knew when we moved into the new house, I needed to make this space functional but also represent my style and overall vibe for the house.  Because the kitchen and living room flow into each other as part of the open floor plan we have, designing the two rooms occurred simultaneously. So, today I'm going to share with you my mood board for this space:  

The soft blue/green on the wall, gold accents, and bright floral patterns make for a grown up space that's cozy and glam. 

Of course you can't start a mood board, or a room redo, without selecting that perfect color for the wall. This is no small feat of course.  After spending hours weeks pouring over the sherwin williams paint deck, the husband and I decided on... 

Sherwin Williams Silver Strand! I can't say enough amazing things about this color; it's a chameleon color changing from grey, to light blue, to light green at times with the sun pouring in on the walls.  If you watch Fixer Upper (who doesn't?) it's one of JoJo's go to colors as well.  

Once the color was selected, I went to work on the mood board. We needed LOTS of furniture to fill these spaces so that was an important part of the design on the board. I'll share with you some key pieces essential to this plan that apply to any shared living room/kitchen space.

What's a functional living room without a plush and comfy couch? Nothing! So that's where we started. Sitting on bean bags on the floor just didn't seem like a viable option for the long term.

On the mood board I had pinned this sofa from West Elm, but once we checked it out in the store the low height just didn't work for my 6'3 husband.  Womp Womp.  We also tested the sectional version of it had the same problem with the height.

So, back to the drawing board. After spending weeks shopping online and in-store we ordered a custom couch from local store here in Michigan called Talsma and we LOVE it. The dimensions fit the space perfectly, the material is durable, and there's a cozy little corner we all end up cramming into for family movie nights. It was a bit above our budget, but in the couch department especially, you get what you pay for...and this was NOT something we wanted to purchase again in a few years. 

Another key element of course are the rugs. As I've always said, there isn't a lamp or rug I won't consider.  I love how rugs can change the whole vibe to a space and instantly make things warm and inviting, especially on hardwood floors.  On the board I placed this 8x11 ikea rug and this wool rug from West Elm. I knew I wanted to add black and white throughout the decor and these rugs looked great virtually. But...

Although that IKEA rug is an amazing steal of a deal! $299 for an 8x11 is amazing. I'll find a spot to sneak into my house in some way.

I ultimately decided on these rugs from Rugs USA, which is my go to for rug shopping. They have 70% deals all.the.time. and free shipping.  I love the variety of the selection they have and the quality is top notch. Fun tip: To save money on rugs, try layering them.  You can often purchase a large, neutral rug for a decent price. For a pop of color and design, purchase a smaller size rug to layer on top and voila! Instant coziness that didn't break the bank. You can even change out the smaller rug for a fresh new look! 

Total spent on all 3 rugs (all 70% off) was $495.30 and free shipping. I'm telling you...amazing deals. 

The final big piece of furniture to settle on was the dining area table.  There isn't a ton of space in this area due to the center island, so we needed to be creative and very intentional with what we selected.  We spend a TON of time in these two rooms and this table was going to get a lot of use.  

I decided on a round table with a rustic feel in my quest to mix both metals and wood throughout the space. I placed it on the mood board and knew it was a perfect fit! I waited impatiently patiently for the one I pinned to go on sale and then I swooped it up for $100 less at $399.  Here's the winner from World Market:

I love the size and style of the table, but I will say that after having it for about 6 months, the finish on the top is starting to chip away. It's hardly noticeable but definitely something to consider.  

You'll also notice on the mood board I pinned some acrylic chairs. These are a game changer with this table. Because we don't have a ton of space in the dining area I wanted chairs that wouldn't be visually heavy and bulky at risk of this looking like a cluttered disaster.  I showed the ghost chairs to my husband, who was skeptical, but gave me the green light. They are just as amazing as I had envisioned and recommend everyone find a spot for these in your house, They are fun, chic, and unexpected. 
I snagged mine on amazon for $65 a chair and they have held up extremely well. Even my 6'3 husband thinks they are comfy!

The rest of the elements in the rooms are still evolving and changing. I'm adding in my bits of gold and black and white with pops of color, mixing in new pieces with old. I've posted about our coffee table with this ikea hack and shared our console table tips and how we changed our dining light. Mood boards are a great way to set your vision for the space and this glam and cozy living room and kitchen is a hit.

Now for some more fun before/after!

Here's a peak at how the rooms looked on move-in day.

Not awful but definitely not feeling the red.

Here's how she looks after some mood board inspiration! Sorry, picture overload ahead.

And the side by side mood board and room:

 What room are you designing on your mood board? Are you as obsessed as I am with rugs? 

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  1. I LOVE this, and YES, so so SO obsessed with rugs. What a fun and pretty post.


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