December 19, 2016

Modern Farmhouse Glam Wall Planter DIY

How about a fun and easy DIY fit for almost all decor styles? If that sounds interesting stay tuned because I've got just the thing for you!

DIY farmhouse glam wall plant hanger with stain and bold black painted stripes

Folks, when you find geometric gold wall planters in the clearance bin of Anthropologie at 40% off - you snag them up and worry about what you're going to do with them later.  That's exactly what I did. 

So, when my good blog friend Sarah from Making Joy and Pretty Things asked me to do a guest post I knew I could marry our two styles (farmhouse and glam) to create something fabulous.  

And that's how this little DIY wall planter was born!

Heck, it's easy enough you could make a few of these in time for Christmas...assuming you also have some wall plant hangers lying around....or Amazon Prime....

So, head on over to Making Joy and Pretty Things to see the full tutorial! 

Happy Monday!

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