July 18, 2016

Mood Board Monday| Pink & Chic Living Room

Happy Monday friends!

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Today, I'm bringing back Mood Board Monday!

It's been awhile since I've done a mood board post but boy have I been saving up for a good one.
Our main level is evolving and getting us one step closer to completion (well as complete as any space ever gets). With our fireplace room complete and our entryway 95% done I am looking forward to creating a dreamy space in our formal living room. But, let's face it...there is nothing formal about me or my family. We are a hockey playing, movie-quoting, pizza eating family that truly lives in our home. Sure, I like allll the fancy things. But, I'm realistic about how our spaces will be used. Well...most of the time. I did just have a quarter of my house's walls painted white which I'm sure will be a magnet for grubby little paws. Oops!

So, today instead of creating a mood board that's practical I decided to get a little crazy and create a space that exists in all of my living room dreams. That's a thing right? Living room dreams? No prince charming riding in on a white horse for me. Just talk to me in rich silk curtains, built in bookcases, and deliciously pink rugs.

Now, I've never had a formal living room before this house. Our last living room was about 300 square feet and was also the main space you saw when entering the house.

What I loved about this space was the neutral wall color, our layered rugs, and the coziness of the whole room. The oodles of storage we built in to conceal games, movies, and even our printer made the room feel less cluttered.  I had to decorate very intentionally to conform to our space needs which left little room for any other furniture arrangements or additional pieces.
Disclaimer: We actually had more furniture in this room than the picture shows. We had a full size couch in addition the chair you see and the love seat. But these pictures are from a staged version of our home to sell.

Now what elements make up a dream living space you might ask? I'm glad you asked. Here are a few inspiration images from some extremely talented folks.

I mean...gorgeous right? Here's what makes these spaces gorgeous and dream-worthy:

A gorgeous area rug
A statement chandelier
Mixed Metallic Accents
Neutral walls
Soft colors mixed with black
 A luxurious sofa

So, when I decided to create the most dreamy living room mood board, I was inspired by these spaces and one fantastic rug. In fact, this rug set the tone for the whole space. So, without further ado I bring you my 'Pink and Chic Living Room'.

Thank you Arhaus for this exquisite, I-wanna-pet-you rug of my dreams. How could this rug be anything but inspirational?  To balance the frilly and feminine pink, I paired some gorgeous navy chairs, a luxurious white linen sofa and of course a neutral on the walls to really let the key pieces of the room be the star. You can find many other sofa options here in the Arhaus sofa section! There was a fabulous tufted option that almost made the cut!

I also further expanded on the mood board, adding in more decorative elements in this version of the space:

You'll notice I did a little lamp switcheroo in this one. I prefer the blue brush stroke lamp in the first version but you can't go wrong with a classic white lamp. I also can't help myself...I have to sprinkle in a little wallpaper everywhere I go! I'm thinking wallpaper backed built ins? Accent wall? You really can't go wrong either way. It's gold, glam, and gorgeous.

Let's get to the details of the space. I selected quality, top of the line pieces for my dream living room because in your dreams there is no budget! :) With that said, I fully believe you get what you pay for and investing in quality pieces can save money in the long run. I would absolutely invest in a top-notch sofa like the Arhaus one in the mood board. Invest in quality pieces and you will save in the long run.

Wall Color: Sherwin Williams 'Alabaster' (SW color of the year 2016)
Art Work: Parima Studio 
Chandelier: Arhaus 
Sofa: Arhaus
Blush Pillows: CB2
Dot Pillow: Milia Bazaar
Ombre Pillow: Caitlin Wilson
Brushstroke Lamp: Jana Bek Design
End Table: Arhaus
Rug: Arhaus
Pink Ottoman: One Kings Lane
Armchair: Pier 1
Striped Pillow: Kate Spade
Midnight Curtains: West Elm
Wallpaper: Anthropologie
Bookshelf: Pottery Barn Teen

So that's it folks. This is the living room of my dreams and hopefully of yours too! 


  1. Love the pink and blue together! Great job as always!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm always inspired by you!

  2. So inspirational! I want to go and redo all my house now! my husband hates it when i come with new ideas every other day (ups) as I'm 33 weeks pregnant now he has to do all the things and i just give instructions and suggestions haha

    1. Thanks Alina! My husband gets equally annoyed lol

  3. I love the idea of adding pink in with the blue!

  4. I'm loving that rug and the cohesion with the pillows. You have some great decorating skills!

  5. I love your idea. Pink and blue together is just unique!

  6. Awesome. So beautiful. I like your idea. Pink and blue together. It makes your living room just a bit romantic, feminine, had little hope, fresh. I like it very much.

  7. The space with the neutral color wall and the layered rugs looks comfortable . Great jobs. You give me inspiration to make a new DIY project. Thanks for your sharing.


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