July 08, 2016

Ikea Vittsjo Hack| Entryway Table

Wow! How crazy fast has summer been going? Here in Michigan the kids didn't get out of school until mid-June and it has been a whirlwind since. I've been taking a small step back from blogging as frequently to spend more time with the kids, deliver more babies, and work on more house projects of course. I'm whole-heartedly committed to my blog baby and have some fun and exciting things coming up for you all in the next few months so stay tuned!

Today I wanted to go through the easiest Ikea hack ever....even easier than my first ikea vittsjo hack.
Let me introduce you to:

This little gem can be yours truly as is for $39.99. UNDER $40?! One of the million reasons I love Ikea...the value. But, we all know I can't leave well enough alone. I have to add my own flare to this number. After all, I wasn't going to be placing a laptop anywhere near this laptop table. In fact, this was going to be my new entry way table! I've been working on this part of the house for what feels like forever. ( You can catch up on the progress so far herehere, and here). 

I decided to go with the vittsjo laptop table due to cost, size, and the ability to customize to my liking. Now this isn't the most dramatic makeover in the history of Ikea hacks but it's about customizing pieces to fit your space, style, and budget.
To be honest though, this acrylic table was my top contender, but at $299 and up it just wasn't in the budget. Sigh. If you are in the market for one, however, CB2 has this option and its swoon-worthy.

But anyway...no more drooling. Back to this fab Iikea hack.

So, most Ikea pieces in the vittsjo line come in black, white, and even red. Well, as luck would have it this particular table only comes in black. Boo. Black was definitely not the color I was hoping for but at less than $40 for the table there is nothing a can of spray paint cant fix.  

So, I brought her home, opened the box, and had her put together in about 5 minutes no joke.  

So I set up shop in my garage with the box the table came in as my spray zone. Super fancy I know.
I left the glass table top and particle board shelf off for the spraying.

I really wanted to spray this puppy gold (shocker I know) but I had plans to bring gold tones in in other ways. So I played it a bit safe and went with grey. But the skies the limit here! Bright pink, yellow, robins egg blue...all would look totally chic in the right space. 

I went with Rustoleum's Ultra Gloss in Winter Grey. For this project plan on 2-3 cans depending on your spray technique (I used 2.5 cans).  After the table was fully covered and dry I brought her inside and placed the glass top and shelf back in their place.

I'm not gunna lie...at first I wasn't feeling this color when I brought it into the space.  But, I'm all for letting things evolve so I held in the ugly cries.  After all, I could just paint again if need be! 

Now what was ugly was the black particle board shelf. In the past I have replaced these types of boards with stained wood pieces, but I decided to mix things up a bit this time.  I have seen marbled contact paper all over pinterest and the blogosphere and I thought this was the perfect project to try it out! 
I went to amazon and found a great option.

Even though I only needed a little bit, I knew this paper would come in handy in many areas. I love even using it for photo backdrops! 

So, I took the particle board piece and wrapped the contact paper around it like wrapping a package.  easy. peasy. Just smooth out any bubbles. I used a paint edger to smooth out the paper but any flat edge will do.

Now it's looking better! 

The marble paper if gorgeous and totally realistic...you'd never know that wasn't a slab of marble.  

Of course the fun part of styling the table top and adding in other accessories and furniture like our DIY covered bench. But, the rest is top secret until our foyer reveal next week! The paint brushes are out people, it's getting real up in here.  

Total Cost Breakdown for this Entry Table

Ikea Vittsjo Laptop Table $40
3 Cans of Rustoleum Spray Paint $12
I roll Marble Contact Paper $10

Total $62 

And yes, I still want to pet my wallpaper every day.

What super simple hacks have you been up to? Anyone on the marble contact paper kick? 
I'm loving it!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love it! Wish I was closer to Ikea, my nearest is Chicago, about 3 hours away on a good traffic day, so difficult to get there often. P.S. - love marble contact paper, it's a girl on a budgets best friend. I even contemplated using it on a countertop once, but was too worried how it would stand up.

  2. Great idea for the faux marble slab! And that bench is just perfect.

  3. So easy, even I might be able to pull this one off. I love IKEA for many reasons and cost is definitely a good reason to love IKEA. Gotta love a good find! The table is already lovely with the paint and contact paper. Your foyer is going to be gorgeous!

  4. This is such a versatile table! I've seen so many makeovers completed with it. It looks great paired with your bench. Love how it's all coming together!

  5. I am so impressed with this makeover! It doesn't even look like an IKEA table. Love how it pairs beautifully with the bench. Can't wait to see the completed entryway!


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