May 09, 2016

Ikat Chic Entryway Take 2| Mood Board Monday

It's Mondayyyyyyy! Hope you had a great weekend!
I spent the weekend in Traverse City, MI for a girls weekend and it was beautiful! Definitely add this place to your "must see" list if you live in or close to Michigan. We toured wineries, walked through the quaint downtown, and stayed right on the waterfront.

So cute and quaint! That robin's egg blue door with the cobblestone exterior stopped me in my tracks. #ihavethisthingwithpainteddoors
The door obsession brings me to our mood board for today! If you follow me on facebook or Instagram you'll see I've been debating exterior door colors for weeks now (i've finally selected..yay!) and I've also been pining over interior door colors.  This is my first rodeo with painting doors anything but white (boring) so this has been exciting and a bit intimidating.  Then when I start stressing I take a deep breathe and say "it's only paint"...which gets me only so far.

I posted a picture on instagram a few weeks back of a blush colored door I absolutely adored and it really got my wheels turning. Could I use this as inspiration for my own interior door?

I mean how gorgeous is that blush door? So, I grabbed a cup of coffee and started perusing all the beautiful blush color Sherwin Williams had to offer in my paint deck. My good friend and I happened to be texting back and forth at the time and she jokingly said to use the brightest pink I could find. Well, I found it in the form of Exuberant Pink.

(Pardon the poor quality iphone pic) It's not even close to blush. Not even a bit. But you know what? I kinda love it! So, I started thinking back to my my original mood board and how that pink hue had already made its way in long before my latest interior door color rant began.

ikat entry sherwin williams exuberant pink

See those pops of pink in the chair and in the lamp? I was already way ahead of myself! 

So now that wallpaper installation is getting very real it was time to revamp the mood board to reflect our new color choices.  
Our entry way has 20 foot ceilings connected to angled walls and regular 'ol 8 ft ceilings so that paint has to all be cohesive. Picking that color is a post for another time because it's 1. not settled and 2. an exhaustive and costly search at this point. So I revamped the mood board to include some of the top wall color contenders along with the new interior door color. 

ikat chic entry sherwin williams exuberant pink

You'll notice I also switched out the traditional console table for an acrylic one to really let that wallpaper on the accent wall pop! What do you guys think? Go for it and go bold?! Stick with blush? 

I feel like going out of my comfort zone and just doing something really fun to kick this cookie cutter home up a notch. If a glossy bright pink doesn't do the trick I don't know what will! 

It is my mission to get this wallpaper on the wall this week...and i'm terrified. 
Have a happy Monday!

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