March 28, 2016

Girly & Sweet Bath| Mood Board Monday

Happy Monday friends!

Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weekend with family and friends. We spent the Easter weekend in my hometown cooking, laughing, and shopping (of course). Our family has a new tradition of preparing a beef tenderloin on Easter and this year didn't disappoint. A mouth watering grass fed beef tenderloin was prepared by yours truly and it was deliciously satisfying.
Another fun fact about me...I. Love. Meat. Sorry to my vegetarian friends...meat is what this girl craves.
But anyway, enough about meat. We're here to today to talk Mood Boards! A topic right up there with meat in my book (I have strong and loving feelings about both).

Today's Mood Board is inspired by our next big to-do list item...the kids shared bathroom.

Right now its electric blue, brass-tastic, and out of the box builder grade.

I mean, c'mon, I can't let this go on much longer.   Since this project will be sooner than later, I pulled up Polyvore and got to work creating my vision for the space.  Here's what I know will be staying:

  • Double Vanity
  • Existing Shower
And here's whats on the big ol to do list:
  • Paint the vanity dark grey or navy blue
  • New cabinet hardware
  • New mirrors
  • New light fixtures
  • Install Board and Batten
  • Add Wallpaper
  • Install new floor
  • Install new faucet's
Easy Peasy right? My husband is rolling his eyes at me now...really Colette? Wallpaper in the bathroom? Do we realllly need board and batten? Yes dear, yes we do.

Even though my son and daughter share this bathroom, I wanted it to be girly and fun.  My master bath doesn't have a tub (womp womp) and I'm a tub kind of girl so I use this bathroom all the time. And gosh darn't it needs to be pretty! 
So here's my inspiration board:

I just LOVE it! It's sweet, romantic, whimsical, and right up my alley. We did some board and batten in our kitchen from the first house and we loved the look of it. To break up the long narrow bathroom, adding some dimensions to the walls will bring character and charm.

And can we please talk about that wallpaper?! The whole room is really designed around it's gorgeous blues, yellows, and pinks and graphic print. But, wallpaper in the bathroom? Won't it peel? 
Nah. I've done quite a bit of research on the topic and the experts all point to go for it! 

I haven't quite selected the flooring, faucet, or cabinet hardware yet...but i'll update the board once I do. 

I can not wait to turn this inspiration into reality! 

Have a good week friends!

I'll be back on Thursday with another great Ikea hack.

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  1. Ah, Colette! I am loving this mood board so much... that gray vanity will be perfect in the space especially with that beautiful wallpaper! I would be interested to know how you put the wallpaper up in the bathroom because I am thinking the same thing for one of ours! I can't wait to see what else you come up with and I am anxiously awaiting your Ikea hack on Thursday!!


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